Saturday, December 25, 2010


With all the rain and storms this month the birds around home have been laying low, but with a few breaks in the weather they come out for a preen and a feed and even a bath!

A couple of months ago we had up to five of these large birds roaming around the yard!

Brush Turkey
(the only Christmas turkey at our place this year)

Figbird - female

The males of this species are starting to lose the bright red colouring of their facial patch.

Figbird - male

The Brown Honeyeaters like to get wet anytime.

Brown Honeyeaters

Even the lorikeets have been a lot less noticeable than usual.

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet feeding on Grevillea.

Rainbow Lorikeet.

This moth took cover on our back verandah the other day.
I was able to identify it through this great website:

Southern Old Lady Moth ( Daspodia selenophonora)