Sunday, September 23, 2012


We arrived in the Flinders Ranges proper in late March and based ourselves at a private campground on a property just outside the National Park.

The drive in to the Ranges was quite scenic and we stopped often for the excellent photo opportunities.

A Wedgie perched conveniently, albeit a long way off, but still within camera range.  

Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Campground entrance.

View over Willow Springs Station.

Our secluded campsite.

We drove along some of the roads through the National Park, taking in the stark beauty of this ancient landscape. One of the highlights of our travels to date.  

Massive Red Gum along a dry creek bed.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed our walk into Wilpena Pound, a huge natural amphitheatre with only one easy way in our out. Probably the only way to properly appreciate this geological wonder is from the air. Besides being expensive and with my aversion to flying, we were content enough to take it all in from ground level. 

Sculpture points the way into the Pound.

Clare on the edge of  Wilpena Pound.

Looking across the Pound.

One of the reasons for staying at Willow Springs was the short drive to Stokes Hill Lookout, a well known site for the Short-Tailed Grass-Wren. After three attempts I was able to add this elusive little bird to my life list. I got an excellent 5 second view of one and brief glimpses of another two nearby. No pictures, but this will be etched in my memory for a long time.

Common Wallaroos

The locals looked on in amusement as I scanned the slopes of the hill in search of little brown birds.

Sunset from the Lookout.