Monday, January 3, 2011


We've had some night time visitors the last few weeks and they've cleaned up 
the fruit off the cocos palm in our backyard. I counted nine up there one night
and they can be quite noisy as they squabble and climb around the fronds.

Grey-headed Flying Foxes
I hadn't realised how long their wing "hooks" are and how these 
appendages help their agility.

There was another winged creature hanging upside down,out on the 
back verandah.We seem to find a lot of creepy-crawlies out there.
I think this may be some kind of cricket.

I visited a local dam today.There were about thirty Black Swans spread over 
the water and some Little Black Cormorants and a single Whiskered Tern
preening and resting on the pumphouse.

Little Black Cormorants
Black Swans

Poona Dam looking towards Kureelpa.

I found this fungus on a bush track nearby.
It was a dainty cup shaped mushroom about 10cm tall.
I tried to identify it through the internet but was unsuccessful.

Back in the backyard these Silvereyes were waiting patiently for their turn
 in the birdbath. Afterwards they partook of some mutual preening 
and canoodling. 

Although we have had a very wet spring and summer so far with record rainfalls in the area, we are high and dry here in Kureelpa. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those people affected by the massive flooding further north and west. I know what they are going through, having endured the 1974 floods in Brisbane.