Saturday, February 18, 2012


Clare and I had planned on doing some travelling sooner, rather than later, and with that in mind we purchased our van last year and decided to spend 2012 on the road. We left home on the 8th of January and headed south into New South Wales. First stop was at Bigriggen Park near Rathdowney (QLD) a lovely site by the banks of the Logan River. The temperature hit 37 here so we spent a lot of time in the water.

Logan River

Relaxing after our first setup.

The crows were taking it easy in the heat but why they weren't in the shade has got me beat.
I thought they were supposed to be intelligent? 

Torresian Crows

One of the locals was having a good look at the newbies.

Red Necked Wallaby

And this pair seemed to be panting in the heat, perched high up in one of the massive gums around the campground. 


 This little bloke had the right idea hanging round the river on the rocks, in between catching tiny insects flying above the water.

Juvenile Eastern Water Dragon

Our next major stop was Tenterfield NSW, where we had the chance to explore the nearby Bald Rock National Park. We hiked to the top (the biggest granite monolith in Australia apparently) and enjoyed the expansive views from the summit. 

Bald Rock

 Some of the rocks on the walk up were quite impressive too.

Balancing Rock

 This skink got a good feed out of the apple core we left for it.
Okay, don't feed the animals etc. but I don't think we were going to make a serial pest out of this fella.  

Cunningham's Skink

The scenery was stunning and we were overawed by the sheer size of some of the rocks around the park. 

Clare dwarfed by the massive boulders.

 This King Parrot spent a lot of time hanging around our van waiting for a handout (we didn't oblige).
King Parrot - male.

And another of the locals was looking totally bored while waiting for his owner to come back.