Saturday, September 27, 2014


The Pacific Baza pair are still active around our place and quite approachable. I featured them previously on a recent post and since then had a close encounter with another Baza when on a morning walk at Lake McDonald near Cooroy.

The two images below were from that outing and I was able to get a decent shot of the bird in profile showing it's funky little crest.

In complete contrast the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo sports one of the most flamboyant crests the bird world has to offer. 

At my sisters place the local cockies come in daily to snack on the seed in her feeders, with up to thirty at times winging in and disturbing the peace with their raucous calls. 

Certainly a crest to be proud of!

Cheers & Happy Birding

Monday, September 22, 2014


A variety of long necked, long legged birds seen and photographed recently around the Sunshine Coast.

A morning outing at the Park Lakes Wetlands in Bli Bli allowed me to observe a large flock of Magpie Geese, quite a few of which were roosting high up in some nearby trees.

Magpie Goose

Magpie Geese

At the same location a solitary Great Egret shone brightly in the morning light.

Great Egret

As too a small contingent of Cattle Egrets resting safely in the middle of a pond.

Cattle Egrets

At Ewan Maddock Dam a Black-necked Stork treated me to a spectacular fly over. With it's 2.3 metre wingspan it is up there with the Brolga and Australian Pelican as our largest birds. 

Black-necked Stork

Low tide on the Mooloolah River at Parrearra allowed for some close views of these two feeding in their own particular manner.

Royal Spoonbill & White-faced Heron

Cheers & Happy Birding