Sunday, November 6, 2011


Clare and I headed off to Lismore in northern New South Wales back in early October, for a family re-union with her rellies. We stayed in a local caravan park and in between the various family gatherings we were able to get out and about the local area for a bit of sightseeing.
On a drive out to New Italy via Coraki we stopped for some raptor watching among the rolling hills and farmlands. This kite very kindly flew on to a high perch close by and gave us stunning views through our binos. 

Black-shouldered Kite.
On the way back to Lismore that afternoon the weather became unsettled and we could see some activity ahead.

Our return route was leading us straight towards some decidedly unfriendly looking skies.

We were approaching the storm front at an angle and soon caught up to the towering face of the 
monster. In the end it was it was all show and not much blow, thank goodness! 


The morning of that same day we had stopped in for a walk in Rotary Park Rainforest Reserve at Lismore Heights, hoping to see some bush birds.There weren't too many feathered fliers but plenty of furry ones. It looked like a colony of fruit bats had taken over the area for their daytime roost and the noise and smell of hundreds of these much maligned creatures was quite overpowering. Nevertheless we did the circuit without any mishaps and even saw a few birds including some nesting White Ibises.
Grey-headed Flying Fox

Just hanging around.