Monday, November 29, 2010


We have a couple of Emerald Doves that come out into the shade of the camphor laurel for a feed occasionally.
We have yet to see them together.These pics were taken on separate days.

This is a male with the small white shoulder patch.

I think this one is a female.

Bar-shouldered Doves are common,but still a lovely bird with their striking patterns and pastel colouring. 

Bar-shouldered Dove

The same bird catching some rays.

I've quite often observed various species of pigeons raise a wing to the sun or to the rain during a storm.Just one of the ways they maintain there plumage I suppose.

The winged creature below was trying to drill a hole through my shorts while I was sitting on the back verandah. My borrowed camera takes reasonable close ups too!

 Common Marchfly

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