Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When visiting my Mum recently we went for a cuppa at one of our local beaches.
We watched this heron stalking through some still water, unperturbed by the passing beach-goers.

White-faced Heron

Then an ibis came wandering by hoping for a scrap of  food.
They have become quite fearless around people and are considered a pest in 
some areas of the Sunshine Coast.

Australian White Ibis

Meanwhile a lone mickey-bird was checking out the action from the shadows of a she-oak nearby. 

Noisy Miner

Back at home we had a visitor to our shed out back, that made itself 
at home on the fishing rods that we wanted to use. We were able to 
move him along with a bit of gentle persuasion. 

Carpet Python

Across the road from home these egrets were feeding in the morning sun.
They drop in most days when the cattle are active and their numbers seem to be 
increasing in the local area.   

Cattle Egrets

I had to take a shot of this lovely flower in the garden even though I have
no idea what it is. Any suggestions would be welcome!

And earlier from the back verandah, I snapped a photo of the sun rising over the coast,
with Mt Coolum on the left.

Sunrise on the Sunshine Coast.

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