Sunday, June 24, 2012


Continuing on our travels, back in late February, we took a detour south to Terrick Terrick National Park in northern Victoria. The main purpose was to look for the Plains Wanderer, a rare and endangered endemic that is found in the protected grasslands in this area. We were unlucky in our quest to find this elusive bird, and I was doubly unlucky in losing a fairly new pair of prescription glasses when we were spotlighting for it along the back roads one night.  
The park is actually named after Mt Terrick Terrick, also known as Mitiamo Rock, a 95 metre high granite outcrop below which we camped.   

Looking across the park from Mitiamo Rock

Sunset from the Rock

Terrick Terrick Galah

The weather here was hot reaching 38 degrees so we only stayed a couple of nights and headed back to the Murray where it was quite a bit cooler on the banks of the river, which was very slowly rising thanks to the record rainfall in the catchment area further upstream.  

Sailboat on the Murray at Christie's Beach

The "sailor" Jeff,  joined us for a cuppa at our campsite after we yelled out to ask him if his was the same boat we saw the week before at Barmah Lakes. It turned out it was and next morning I spent a couple of hours out on the water with him experiencing the thrill of sailing on a stretch of Australia's longest river.

Heading back to shore

Watching a Murray sunset

Grey Teal on a park lake in Echuca

On our second night at Christie's Beach campground we had a huge downpour and hadn't realized the van was in a dip until we woke the next morning to find some of our gear floating around outside.

More water views

The gum tree below was one of a few we saw in nearby Millewa Regional Park just over the border in NSW. The contrasting patterns of the bark caught my eye, but I couldn't find anything similar when trawling the web for identification.

Eucalypt sp.

Close-up of  trunk

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