Friday, August 24, 2012


Following on from our Gluepot visit in late March of this year, we crossed the Murray on the free ferry service into Waikerie, still in South Australia, a pretty little town which would make a great base for further exploration of the area.

Waikerie Ferry

Ferry name with un-identified picture (not an Australian species) - any ideas?

I heard the plaintive calls of this bird before I saw it perched conspicuously in the open.

Fan-Tailed Cuckoo

The Murray River at Waikerie

This critter was making itself as inconspicuous as possible after I spotted it out in the open, from a fair distance. It must have felt my footsteps through the ground as I approached to take a photo. This was the best I could do.


Our next port of call was Port Augusta from where we planned to explore some of the iconic Flinders Ranges.

View from caravan park at Port Augusta - Spencer Gulf and Flinders Ranges

While we were there we visited the Australian Arid Land Botanic Gardens, a must do for anyone planning to stay more than a day or two.  

Grey Butcherbird

Sturt's Desert Pea - the quintessential outback flower

I was able to pick up a lifer, Redthroat, a great little vocaliser but difficult to pinpoint in the vegetation. A record shot was all I could manage.  

Redthroat - male

This low growing tree was an ideal place for a break in the warm conditions we were experiencing in the Botanic Gardens.  



Mesas north of Port Augusta

Red cliffs on the Spencer Gulf

White-Backed Swallows

I got pretty excited when I thought I'd spotted a Blue-Winged Parrot (on my wants list). After a good look through the bins and field guide, Elegant Parrot was the verdict, albeit a species I haven't seen in years and a lovely bird. Another record shot below.    

Elegant Parrot


  1. Redthoat's do have a lovely voice and are also experts at avoiding cameras! I have had a lot of trouble getting decent shots of them! Love the colours and clouds on the red cliffs photo!

  2. Yes Chris, outstanding little songster, frustratingly difficult to see.
    The cliffs abut one side of the botanical gardens. I took that shot in the early morning, not far from the Shoreline Caravan Park.