Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our next port of call was Bowra Sanctuary in western Queensland, a former cattle property just west of Cunnamulla and a place that no self respecting birder should ever miss!

We enjoyed our stay of five days there and although the pickings weren't quite as rich when we visited four years ago, it still lived up to its reputation as an outstanding birding destination.

Black-winged Stilt

There was plenty of water around from the rain events that had affected much of eastern Australia in the previous months, which was great for the wildlife, plants and the landscape as a whole.     

Black-fronted Dotterel

Black-fronted Dotterel pair mating 

With much activity around the homestead area, we didn't have to go far to see some of the action with these Native-hens strutting along within view of our campsite.

Black-tailed Native-hens

Spotted Bowerbird bower

Western Grey Kangaroos

Wild horse

The 14,000 hectare property has many kilometers of tracks to explore so packing a picnic lunch and finding a spot beside the water to watch the varied bird life was a favourite activity. 

Sawpits Creek lagoon

White-faced Heron

White-necked Heron


Even though we were well in to winter with night time temps in the minus, the days were sunny and warm and some of the plant life obviously found this conducive to flowering. 

Cheers & Happy Birding


  1. Excellent pictures! Makes me want to start packing my things.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Makes me anxious to see more of our beautiful country. The Black-tailed Native Hen's are gorgeous, and I particularly love the beautiful purple flowers.

  3. Thanks Russell & Judi. Bowra is a great place to visit. No idea what the flowers are. Any ideas?