Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After our inland jaunt it was off to the north coast for some R&R and the wedding of my brother-in-law at Evan's Head. Spring was approaching and the weather was superb. We camped at Yuraygir National Park boasting sixty-five kilometres of undeveloped coastline, the longest stretch in the state.

Sandon Beach rock scape - Yuraygir

This reptile came close to our camp site on a couple of occasions looking for an easy meal, of course we didn't oblige. It was quite a large specimen of about 1.5 metres (they can grow to over 2 metres) and its bite is known to be mildly venomous. All the more reason to keep some distance from these beautifully patterned omnivores.

Lace Monitor

The dead fish below was also quite big, roughly 30cm in length. Much larger than the annoying and similar  Toad Fish that stole the bait or got hooked when I used to fish in the past, generally for something a bit more appetizing!

Beached Puffer Fish

Masked Lapwings

Rocky Point beach - Yuraygir

Our base at Evans Head for the weekend was the local caravan park in a picturesque setting adjacent to the Evans River. An assortment of water loving birds gave me some excellent photo opportunities. Much easier than those little brown jobs that inhabit the bush!

Pied Cormorant

Little Egret - in breeding plumage

Australian Pelican

Australasian Darter - male

After the wedding we spent a week at a van park just outside Yamba, where for a total of  fifteen hours work we received a free site. There were some nice birds to be found in the area, including these spoonbills shining in the spring sun.The one on the right was in breeding phase with its bright yellow eyebrow and funky tuft of head plumes.

Royal Spoonbills

The two species below were actually in the park right near our van. The rail was one of a pair snooping around the cabins and the babblers were a real surprise this close to the coast, roosting for the evening in a nearby tree.

Buff-banded Rail

Grey-crowned Babblers

Cheers & Happy Birding


  1. looks like a beautiful piece of coastline John, and some nice variations of the species. That Darter looks so relaxed, unlike the ones I see around here.

  2. Yes Wampy it's a lovely, un-spoilt stretch of protected coast. I usually find the darters very wary too, but I think he was used to people walking along the rock wall.

  3. beautiful photos. We have only driven through Evan's head on the way home from a trip. Must be sure to stop next time. I learned something new from your images of the Royal Spoonbills - I didn't realize that the "sticking up bit" of feathers on the back of their head was the breading plumage, I have taken pics of them like this previously but hadn't put two and two together!! The Buff-banded Rail is particularly lovely, I am yet to see these in the wild.

  4. Thanks Judi. Having a dam and creek on your property, the Rail may be a possibility, especially after rain.

  5. Some nice birds there John! Have to admit though I love Monitors! Would have liked to see that :-)