Saturday, February 26, 2011


I spent  a couple of hours last Sunday morning at Buderim Forest Park about a 20 minute drive from home. I specifically went to look for a Superb Fruit-Dove that had been seen here for the last couple of weeks. I had heard this species before at a couple of places here on the Sunshine Coast but never observed it. 

Serenity Bridge-Buderim Forest Park
Serenity Falls 
Another birder had arrived just before me and we were able to pinpoint the location of the bird after hearing it's distinctive call and after a 20 minute search we found it. It was a stunning male high up in the canopy. I snapped a half decent picture of him, puffing out his breast while vocalizing. A terrific bird and number 403 for my Aussie list.  

Superb Fruit-Dove

Although not quite as colourful as a Fruit-Dove these White-Breasted Wood-Swallows are a regular sight out on the powerlines in front of my workplace. They hawk for insects above the busy main road and harrass the  coastal raptors that fly by.

White-Breasted Wood-swallow


Not far from where I work is a spot where I go occasionally to try some seabird watching. At this particular time I saw only a few Crested Terns in the distance and to be truthful I haven't had much luck in the past there either. Besides Terns and Silver Gulls, I have seen Australasian Gannets and some Shearwaters that were too far out to identify.

Pt Cartwright

 A couple of days before my after work sea-watch, a storm had passed through our area but luckily left no damage. It was part of a series that had also torn through Brisbane causing flash flooding and power outages
Storm front passing over Buderim

The same massive front over Kureelpa. 

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