Monday, March 21, 2011


A couple of weekends ago I did an early morning walk through one of Nambours parks, Petrie Park, right in the heart of town. On this occasion I didn't spot any platypuses but was able to get close to a couple of other local residents.

Petrie Creek

Pacific Black Duck

There is a volunteer group doing re-vegetation and cleanups, and the park is a real credit to them and the local council. A green oasis in the heart of a busy regional town.

Petrie Creek

This pair were having a dabble and didn't seem concerned by the discarded tyre nearby, probably deposited by the recent flooding. It was disappointing to see the shopping trolleys that had been dumped in the creek.

This character was sun bathing on the warm concrete of the footpath and wasn't moving for anyone. They are quite common along the creek and this was a male, close to the 80cm length these lizards can grow to.

Eastern Water Dragon

While visiting the park I was hoping to see some Barred Cuckoo-Shrikes, which are regularly seen in the area, but I have always missed. While taking the dragon pics I heard an unfamiliar call and was able to observe and identify two of my target birds in the trees beside the creek. I was pretty chuffed, after having dipped on this species on numerous occasions.
The photo below was sent by a friend who had seen this bird not far from his place last year.

Barred Cuckoo-Shrike

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