Friday, November 1, 2013


Early November 2012 and still in Victoria, we meandered south to spend a few days at a peaceful camp ground in the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve north-east of Melbourne. This landscape had been hard hit by the Black Saturday bushfires of February 2009, and was slowly recovering.

Murrindindi is the original indigenous name for this area, meaning "living in the mountains". 

The weather had turned overcast and cool and that put a dampener on the birds, which were few and far between. So a bit of flower spotting was called for, and being spring there were some nice blooms sprouting in the plentiful open areas leftover from the fires aftermath. 

Orchid sp.?

Daisy sp.?

We walked some trails in the gloom amazed at the amount of re-growth that was occurring, but saddened by the devastation and tragic loss of life on that Black Saturday.

I had camped, hiked and birded this area thirty five years ago, and was astounded by the contrast. I couldn't believe it was the same place! Hopefully it will return to its former glory over the coming years.

At least the falls hadn't changed.

Wilhelmina Falls

Any help on the flower identification would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers and Happy Birding


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    1. Thanks Judi. They were quite pretty, but I am clue-less when it comes to ID. Internet research wasn't helpful.