Saturday, June 14, 2014


Late November 2012 we were on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry along with our car and caravan, bound for the Apple Isle, leaving Melbourne in our wake.

Melbourne skyline

This time of year with the busy tourist season beginning there were two ferries plying the Bass Strait. This was the sister ship that we passed en-route across this much maligned body of water.We had a smooth passage both ways fortunately and enjoyed the experience.

After an overnight stay in Devonport we drove the short distance to Narawntapu National Park where we set up at the main campground, Springlawn. This was our first good look at wombats in our travels. They are normally nocturnal, but here they were out and about in broad daylight, looking like giant, ground hugging, teddy bears.    

Springlawn, fresh water lake

Common Wombat

Some of the other local marsupials were easy enough to observe, although the Forester Kangaroos, a sub-species of  the mainland Eastern Grey, were only seen from a distance. They seemed to be shyer and much fewer in number than their smaller cousins. 

Tasmanian Pademelon

Tasmanian Pademelon

Narawntapu  apparently refers to the Aboriginal name for the coastal features of Badger Head and West Head..

Bakers Beach & Badger Head

Bennetts Wallaby

Bennetts Wallaby & joey

The wombats just went about their daily activities of grazing and pooping, while quite unconcerned by our presence.

Cheers and happy nature watching!

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