Saturday, June 7, 2014


Back in November 2012 I spent a couple of days of full on birding at the Western Treatment Plant, not far from Werribee South where we were staying.  For those who may not know it is an environmentally friendly sewage treatment plant with over 10,850 hectares (26,800 acres) of lagoons, grasslands, inter-tidal and shoreline areas. With a bird list in excess of 280 species it's also arguably one of the best birding locations in Australia, and it did not disappoint. My list over the two days was 70 birds, including three lifers.

Cape Barren Goose

These crakes I spotted were new for my life list, along with Striated Fieldwren and Fairy Tern.

Australian Spotted Crake

Playing chasey!

Australian Shelduck

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

I utilized my spotting scope often, with many of the birds a fair distance out on the lagoons. A handy item to have if visiting this fantastic location.

Australian Pelican

Whiskered Tern

Red-necked Avocet

Great Crested Grebe

White-fronted Chat

Black Swans

A link to more info on the Western Treatment Plant  and how to apply for an entry permit, here:

Cheers & Happy Birding

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