Thursday, June 5, 2014


In mid November 2012 we were based not far from Melbourne, capital of Victoria, visiting family and friends and birding in the local area before heading to Tasmania. We stayed in a lovely little van park on the shores of Port Phillip Bay at Werribee South. Most of the images below were taken nearby.


Whiskered Terns

Red-necked Stint

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Pied Cormorants

The four introduced finch species present in Victoria, below. 

Common Greenfinch

European Goldfinch

House Sparrow - male

House Sparrows & Tree Sparrow (on right) 

Out at Braeside Park a pair of lorikeets were checking out some tree hollows for a suitable nest site.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Cheers & Happy Birding


  1. Looking like a successful journey ..great photos of the shorebirds John

  2. I know they're introduced, but I can't help liking those four little finches and sparrows. I imagine they are fairly non-invasive anyway as they stick to disturbed, weedy areas only? And House Sparrows - they used to be everywhere in Brisbane when I was a kid but are actually uncommon now!

    Really lovely shots of the Pied Cormorants overlooking the bay, the two Lorikeets in the dead tree and also that Sharp-tailed Sandpiper showing such fine detail. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Christian. I like these finches too, especially the Goldfinch, an exotic looking bird to me when growing up in suburban Melbourne.

  4. Nice close ups on the waders, John. I spent some time studying waders near that part of the world back in the 90s and I also remember seeing those finches around Port Phillip bay too. Like those terns grooming themselves as well.

  5. Thanks Russell. Waders aren't always the most approachable birds, as you would know. These shots were taken not far from a boat ramp and parking area, so they may have been used to the activity there.